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About Us

"Educating & Connecting Leaders in Homeland Security"

On behalf of the National Guard Bureau, welcome to the Homeland Security Institute (HSI). The HSI is a training and professional education institute that serves homeland security leaders and practitioners at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. To accomplish this goal, the HSI brings together intergovernmental personnel, industry, and academia to provide real-world, relevant, and timely executive-level education to leaders throughout the National Guard. 


Why was HSI developed?

An educational gap exists between the Army and Air Force's Professional Military Education (PME) doctrine and the unique requirements of the National Guard's state mission. While the reserve component (RC) senior leaders participate side-by-side with their active component (AC) counterparts as equal partners in the development of strategically-trained leaders in the Profession of Arms, it falls on the RC senior leaders to adapt the AC's globally focused PME rubric to the local and regional needs of individual states. This represents a gap in the PME requirements of our National Guard leaders.

The HSI's goal is to bridge this gap by facilitating the Homeland Security Educational Continuum. By facilitating education through the cooperation of the various stakeholders, the HSI brings together the Homeland Security and Emergency Management experts at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels within in our towns, cities, and states. This state-level perspective includes identifying and addressing the challenges and considerations of state-level operations, inter-state operations, and intergovernmental cooperation.

HSI accomplishes this challenge through the conduct of a series of seminars, workshops, and exercises that span the continuum of strategic-level problem sets. The HSI addresses these unique challenges by bringing together the key stakeholders across the range of government, industry, and academia. Further development and refinement of National Guard PME is needed to gap-fill; this is the aim of the National Guard Bureau's Homeland Security Institute.

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